Sushi Making!

This week I attempted to make sushi. The rice is the most important part of making good sushi, so I started by learning about the different types of rice and learned how to cook it.

Cleaning rice

Cleaning rice

I began by following Helen’s recipe on her site, Beyond Salmon. Thanks Jacob for recommending her site for the rice cooking technique. I followed to a T, because I was worried that my rice was not going to come out right. I rinsed the rice in my sieve at least 5 times, until the water came out clean. I added the rice to my pyrex dish, but I only had a 8 by 6 dish, not an 8 by 8 like the recipe asked for. I brought the two cups of water to a boil and then added it to my rice in the pyrex dish. Then I covered it with aluminum foil and put it in my oven for 20 minutes.

While it was cooking, I made the finishing dressing, by combining the vinegar, mirin, sugar and salt in a small saucepan. I made sure to not let it boil, and let it heat up just enough to let the sugar melt.

Once the rice was done, I transferred it into a large bowl and then added about 3/4th of my dressing. Then I put damp paper towels on top of the bowl and let it sit while I prepared the sushi add-ins.

I sliced an avocado, cucumber, and tuna and salmon. My mom is a big fan of tuna, while I prefer salmon, so I bought small amounts of both.

image (5)

Attempting to roll

Now it was the time of  truth. I took out my nori and spread some rice around the entire sheet. Then in the center I placed down some fish, cucumber and avocado. Then I began to roll, which actually wasn’t has difficult as I thought it was going to be. I made about 8 sheets, which was way too much, but I bought too much fish that I didn’t want to waste.

Then I dug in. The rolls were pretty good, but for some reason the texture of my rice seemed a little off, which was disappointing. This is the first time that I ever made sushi, so I understand that I may need to practice. Next time, I may try to cook my rice in a rice cooker and see how it comes out. Besides the texture of the rice, it was good. Even my mom said it was pretty good, and she eats a lot of sushi. I am definitely going to try to make sushi again, but as I said I may try to use a rice cooker next time.




Taste: B+. I wish I could rate this higher, but the rice was a bit off putting. Rice cooker next time.

Health: B. Rice isn’t really healthy, but this can be a once in a while food. Maybe I’ll try brown rice next time to try to add some fiber?

Price: C+. In reality, it’s actually about the same price to just order sushi at a restaurant. It was definitely an experience to make it, but the fish is pretty expensive.

Overall: B. I enjoyed the experience of making this, but I would probably only make this once or twice a year. It’s a lot of work, and it’s not all that cost effective compared to restaurant made sushi.


Chicken Stir Fry

As stated in my last post, this week I am going to be focusing on East Asian cuisine. I started this week by making a chicken stir fry. I looked at recipes, and ultimately made up my own recipe.

My recipe is as follows:

2 carrots

1/2 cup of broccoli

1/2 cup of peppers (yellow/orange/red/green, your choice)

1/3 cup of cucumber

4 oz of chicken (rough estimate)

1/3 cup of onions



1/2 tablespoon soy sauce (less if that’s what you prefer)


I started by cutting up all my vegetables. I sliced my carrots, cucumber, onion and cut up my broccoli and peppers. Then I sliced my chicken into thin, but not too thin slices. I first added the carrots, broccoli, and onions to the work, because they take the longest to cook. This is my first time using a wok, and wow it’s really amazing, but more on that later. Then I added the chicken. Next was the cucmber and peppers. And finally the ginger. I let it cook until the chicken looked thoroughly cooked, constantly stirring. Lastly I added the pepper and soy sauce, but I used less than 1/2 tablespoon because I didn’t want it to be too salty.




Attempting to flip

Attempting to flip


The dish came out great! I completely made this dish on my own and it turned out awesome! I cooked up a bit of brown rice and placed my stir fry on top of it in a bowl. I still have to work on my flipping skills. While I really enjoyed using this stir fry pan, it was a bit too heavy to flip.







Health: A. The chicken is a great source of protein and it is full of veggies. The only thing to watch out for is the salt, but just don’t use too much soy sauce

Taste: B+. It’s a bit bland. Next time I add more spices to make it a bit more lively.

Price: A-. Surprisingly, the vegetables were not too expensive, but unfortunately most of them are not in season, so I could not buy them at the farmer’s market. Still, I can make multiple servings and with the amount of vegetables I purchased, I can probably make at least 6 portions.

Overall: A. This is a great dish, and can have as many or a few vegetables as you like. Try it out for yourself and maybe try it with some different sauces!

Finished dish. Stir fry over rice

Finished dish. Stir fry over rice