Turkey Shepherd’s Pie

I have always loved shepherd’s pie, and while it is healthy enough, I wanted to take it one step further.

Turkey cooking

Turkey cooking

I started off by buying local ground turkey and cooked it in a small skillet. I simply cooked it with some cooking spray and a bit of water to keep the turkey moist. At the same time, I put three sweet potatoes into the oven and allowed them to bake. Once the turkey was cooked thoroughly, I began cooking the vegetables. For this specific shepherd’s pie, I decided to use carrots, corn and peas. If I wanted I could have also used string beans or celery, but I decided against it.

While the potatoes continued to bake, I took the turkey and put it into the two individual-serving size dishes. I had made too much turkey, so the dishes were overflowing a bit. I then added the vegetables that I had just cooked and mixed it in with the ground turkey.

Baked sweet potato

Baked sweet potato

Lastly, I took the baked potatoes, I sliced them open and used a spoon to extract the sweet potato goodness!

Because all of the ingredients were already cooked, I simply put the two dishes into the oven for about 10 minutes at 425 degrees and then for 5 minutes just broiled the top to give it a bit of char.

While this was a good dish, it was a bit dry and I definitely did not like it as much as a normal shepherd’s pie. Overall, the vegetables did make it pretty tasty and the sweet potatoes were baked to perfection.

Turkey shepherd's pie

Turkey shepherd’s pie


Health: A. Everything is pretty healthy. The sweet potatoes were organic and the turkey was local.

Taste: B. It was too dry for my taste

Cost: A-. Everything was pretty reasonable.

Overall: B+. I may make this again, but only if I was desperate. I guess turkey just doesn’t retain the moisture needed for this kind of dish.



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