I spent this morning researching different kinds of sandwiches. There are so many varieties of sandwiches because there is an unlimited amount of add-ins. When I think of sandwiches I usually think of myself pulling out 2 pieces of white bread and put a couple slices of turkey and maybe some cheese on it. This week I am going to focus on more complex sandwiches that actually require planning and using a stove or oven. I hope to focus on sandwiches in different cultures. This is interesting because it portrays not only what kind of food they eat in those cultures, but how they raise their animals and seeds.

To begin my research, I read this article about the many sandwiches from around the world. It is interesting to examine the different kinds of sandwiches to see what the country or culture values. For example, in Australia one of the kinds of sandwiches is a vegemite sandwich. While this is similar to a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, it is something that is not widely known about in the United States.

Some of the sandwiches I plan to make this week include a bacon, lettuce, tomato sandwich (BLT), a panini, croque-monsier and banh mi. I may also try to include a dessert sandwich.

This week is going to be more focused on shopping local and organic than being low calorie. Sandwiches are not very low calorie because of the fix-ins and the bread, but I am still going to try my best to find healthier alternatives when shopping. I have a list of needed ingredients and I am now back off to the farmers’ market to get as many local items as possible. The items that are not in season or not available at the farmers’ market, I will be going to Whole Foods or Trader Joe’s to purchase. I will be writing a a review on the items that I purchase.

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