French Toast

French toast has always been one of my favorite breakfast foods and it pairs so perfectly with fresh maple syrup and fresh fruit. Unfortunately most french toast is usually very unhealthy. I wanted to find a lighter recipe. I did a lot of research to try to find the best one. At first I was going to use one I found in a YouTube video, but there were too many ingredients and it seemed overly complicated. I ended up following a similar one, but it only had 5 ingredients needed!



I started by mixing one egg white with vanilla and cinnamon. Then I added almond milk. This batter smelled very nice and sweet. Then I soaked three pieces of whole-wheat light bread. While at first I was worried about using something labeled “light,” I did some research and realized that it is called light simply because it has extra air in it. After soaking the bread, I added each piece to the pan and allowed it to lightly brown. The first piece was a little burnt because the stove was too hot. I carefully watched the other two pieces and they ended up turning out better.

I am very proud of the final product. This is the first time I had ever made french toast on my own. I added some vanilla yogurt and



strawberries on the side. At first I tried it without maple syrup, but it was a bit too dry. I ended up using a tablespoon of Vermont maple syrup and poured it over the french toast. It was much better afterwards and was very filling. I think my french toast came out very nicely, but the crepes were definitely the highlight of my week.


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