You say crepe, I say crepe

Crepes have always been one of my favorite foods. But there has always been one thing that has bothered me about them. Everywhere I go, I hear people calling them crepes (crApes, rhymes with apes). But in my household, my mother, who is fluent in FrenThere are so many things that can be added in to give unique flavors and textures. Crepes can be either savory or sweet. Today I decided to make the healthy crepe recipe I found yesterday. In this case, I was making them for a late breakfast/lunch, and I decided to go sweet with them. I followed her recipe, but made a few changes because of my preference.

I started by gathering all my ingredients. As she mentions in her video, the ingredients include oats, almond milk, cinnamon, an egg, strawberries and bananas. She also included stevia, but I didn’t feel like it needed it because it was already pretty sweet. I’m going to give a brief overview about the ingredients, where they are from and if they are local, organic, gmo-free etc.

I bought these oats at Trader Joe’s. As you can see they are organic, which also alludes to them being gmo-free. While I am not the biggest fan of oatmeal, I really enjoyed using these oats in this recipe. It really made me wonder what other recipes I could substitute oats.


I am a big fan of almond milk. I began drinking almond milk about a year ago when a family-friend introduced me to it. It has far less cIMG_2101alories than dairy milk and tastes very similar to me. I bought this almond milk at Costco in bulk. It is a great value.





Most of the other ingredients were in my home already. All the ingredients were pretty cheap. I tried to buy organic fruit, but Trader Joe’s was out of organic strawberries. The banana is indeed organic and I am using the pasture eggs that I purchased yesterday.

All of the ingredients

I began by blending my organic oats in my Magic Bullet. I’m surprised that we still even have it, because we barely ever have smoothies. Well, it definitely came in handy this time! The oats were blended into a powder. Then I added the cinnamon, egg, almond milk, and banana. I put the mixture back into the Bullet. I had some issues with the banana. The blades did not reach the banana, so I had to take it out and chop it into smaller pieces. One I did that, it blended just fine. I took the lid off the blender and smelled the batter. Wow! It smelled really good. I was worried that I had added too much cinnamon, but I think it was just the right amount. If I hadn’t known any better, I would’ve believed this was made with flour and not the oat substitute! I cut up the strawberries and the remaining half the banana. Then the real test. I greased my pan with Pam and let it sit for about a minute. Then I poured some batter into the pan. Unfortunately, it did not come out at the speed I was expecting, so it all went to one part of the pan. I quickly picked up the pan and tried to spread it around. The first one was the most successful for the thinness. I continued to made 4 more crepes. To my  dismay, they were a little bit too pancake-like for my taste, but at least they looked semi-like a circle. After I finished making the crepe shells, it was time to fill them! I filled them with the strawberries and bananas that I had previously cut up. Then I added a dollup of greek yogurt. I took a second to notice the huge mess I had made in the kitchen and took a deep breath. I picked up my first crepe and took a bite. It was so good!

I’m surprised how many crepes the recipe yielded. This is definitely a recipe I would make again. Although it was a bit messy, the clean up really wasn’t too bad. In the future, I would like to get a crepe spreader, so my crepes can be more like well…crepes and less like pancakes. Still this was overall a big success for me, and I can’t wait to see what other dishes I am going to concoct in the future.


Freshly cut strawberries and bananas!


The final result!


Look at that crepe! (and that boy!)


An interestingly shaped crepe

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