Eggs, eggs, eggs oh my

For the first week of this project, I thought I would start how we all start the beginning of the day: breakfast.

I began looking through recipes in my mother’s old cookbooks. I found some that looked interesting, and I noticed one thing they all had in common: eggs. Now, it is a bit of an exaggeration for me to say that I am learning how to crack an egg, but I thought it would be best to start at the very beginning. Thus, I actually looked up for information about cracking eggs and eggs in general. One of the most useful videos I found had 3 tips about eggs.

After reading a comment on that video about bacteria and eggs, I realized that I do not know very much about eggs. I decided to do some research. I wondered if eggs from cage-free chicken really tasted better than chickens who were raised conventionally. Also, what is the difference between white and brown eggs? From my research, I have found that there are many more options than just cage-free vs. regular eggs. They all seemed to have their letdowns except pasture eggs. Even though pasture eggs are not sold in many supermarkets, I am going to go to the farmers’ market later and try to pick some up. I will test them to see if they really do taste better than normal eggs, but even if they don’t at least the chickens are being treated more humanely. To make it even more complicated: what about the color? In reality, white and brown eggs are based on the chicken’s genetics. There really is nothing different between brown and white eggs except for the shell color.

Enough about eggs. Let’s get shopping…but in order to get shopping I need to find some recipes. Moving on to something more complex: muffins and crepes. These are two foods that are not usually associated with being health foods, but I want to change that.

One of the best resources I found was Blogilates‘ series “Cheap Clean Eats.” I had watched many videos about crepe making, but they were all filled with unhealthy additions, used far too much sugar, and had too many processed ingredients. In the coming days, I plan to be making her recipe of crepes, along with normal crepes and see how they pan out. As I did more research, I also noticed she had a muffin video. Even though it’s spring, I love apples all year round, and I think I will also be making her apple cinnamon recipe. Like with the crepes, I am going to try to make both her recipe of muffins and a normal version. I love how she records the prices of the ingredients, because as a college student I know I’ll be on a budget. It is also nice how she compares the calories of the healthier version to the normal version.

Anyway, the day has just started and I have to get to the farmers’ market as well as a few other supermarkets to get all my ingredients. I have my list finished, and I’m ready to go. Let’s get shopping!

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