Egg Eggstravaganza

After a successful trip to the farmers’ market, Whole Foods, and Trader Joe’s, I returned home to begin my cooking. For my first project, I am checking to see if local, pasture eggs taste really taste better than store bought cage-free eggs.

 Central Valley Farm Eggs

These are the eggs I bought at the farmers market. As you can see they are locally grown in Ashbury, NJ, which is about an hour west of the


Local eggs from my farmers market

city. According to their website, the chickens at this farm “have their own cage-free barn and their own pasture outside. Their eggs are gathered daily and sold fresh to you.” I am a big fan of buying from local sellers and these eggs were only $2.50 for half a dozen. While that may seem steep when comparing it to grocery store prices, it makes me feel good to be supporting local farmers. Right on the carton it says “taste the difference,” but the real question is: do these eggs really taste any better than normal eggs?


Eggs from Trader Joe’s

These are the eggs that are usually in my house. They are Trader Joe’s cage-free eggs. My family usually just buys whatever eggs are the cheapest, but recently I have been trying to make an effort to eat “better,” and even if just for my conscience, cage-free sounds my humane.





Appearance and Weight


Trader Joe’s egg


Central Valley Farm egg










As apparent on the left, the Trader Joe’s egg is longer and seems to have a speckled pigment on the outside. This may have to do with the fact that these eggs are a couple days old. On the right, the Central Valley Farm egg is nearly spotless and almost has a glow to it. When holding both of these eggs, it was obvious that the Central Valley Farm egg was much heavier than the Trader Joe’s egg.

I worked on my cracking skills, but unfortunately failed to perform the one-hand cracking technique. The yolks of the eggs looked identical. When I whisked them up, it the Central Valley Farm egg was much easier to whisk than the Trader Joe’s egg.

Taste Test


Central Valley Farm egg


Trader Joe’s Egg

The eggs looked identical even once cooked. When I tasted the eggs, I could barely decipher any difference. I did notice that the pasture eggs had a slightly smoother consistency. If I had the choice between these two I could choose pasture eggs, but the Trader Joe’s ones are definitely good enough, especially if it is important to stretch every dollar. In the future, I may be purchasing more pasture eggs than store-bought eggs, simply because they do taste better (even if ever so slightly) and it is really only about a dollar or so more than normal eggs. As noted before, even if just for my conscience, I think it is important for animals to be raised in the most humanely fashion possible.

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